7 Hot New Water Cooling Systems Tested

Tiger Electronics Silvretta: Installation - Quickly Done

After removing the motherboard and taking off the retention module, four screws are inserted through the holes in the CPU socket and fixed with plastic discs and nuts. After that, the water block with the plastic frame can be mounted on the CPU. The necessary mounting pressure is provided by springs and the water block is thereafter fastened by using knurled nuts. In order to avoid system instabilities the knurled nuts should only be tightened by hand. However, after transporting the PC, the cooler should be checked for correct positioning just to make sure that the knurled nuts did not loosen.

CPU water block with fastening material

Surface made of polished copper

Water block from the inside

The hoses are cut off cleanly and pushed on to the pipe couplings on the water block and the other components. What's positive here is that this requires no great exertion of force and the pipe couplings are absolutely watertight.

The radiator has a 120 mm Papst fan

The pump is connected up by a conventional Molex plug and requires a voltage of 12 volts. By the direct connection of the pump it is ensured that that the pump is started immediately upon switching on the computer. The pump is fixed to the housing with self-adhesive Velcro fasteners. This ensures that the pump is securely fastened and causes hardly any vibration on the housing.