7 Hot New Water Cooling Systems Tested

Levicom WaterCube: Installation, Continued

Another eye-catcher: The Levicom water block

Fastening for the CPU cooler: versions for the Pentium 4 (left) and AMD Athlon (right)

Cooling Performance: Unconvincing

In terms of cooling performance the WaterCube only convinces - if at all - at the maximum fan setting. Here, a thermal resistance of 0.34 K/W is acceptable, but the noise level of the fan at 60 dB(A) is not. If the control is set at the lowest value of 70 then the noise level of the cooling is quite pleasant at 46.1 dB(A), however, a thermal resistance of 0.55 K/W is unequivocally too high. In the Chieftec case that we used for the test, the CPU reached the ominous temperature of 69°C - not exactly the basis for overclocking.