7 Hot New Water Cooling Systems Tested

GlobalWin Silent Stream, Continued

An initial positive feature is that the cooling system is virtually ready for use in its packaging. Even the water is already pre-filled, which adds further promise for a fast installation of the cooling set. The Silent Stream retails at the favorable price of $80 (80 €).

Ready for operation in a flash: the cooling set shortly after being unpacked.

The water pump is integrated in the processor cooling head in this system. Thus, only the radiator and the CPU cooler have to be attached.

The water block, in this case with anchoring clips for the P4, already has the pump installed.

This only applies if the cooling system is completely installed in the housing. It becomes more difficult if you want to attach the radiator to the outer side of the housing, as then the cooling circulation has to be interrupted and the water cooling set has to be emptied. Due to the short hoses, the possibilities are limited, especially in larger tower housings. To make filling simpler, a syringe is included with the kit. As the equalizing reservoir is very small, the syringe is indeed very useful. With a traditional funnel, water would otherwise miss the target very quickly.

Another positive feature is the special ATX adapter for switching on the mains power supply and also the switch that activates the water pump. The latter makes it easier to fill the water cooling system.

Exemplary: an adapter for switching on the mains power supply.

A 12 V adapter is enclosed with the Silent Stream package, which can be used if no fan connection is available on the motherboard. A slot plate for leading the hoses out of the housing, the obligatory thermal paste and the operating instructions are also included.