7 Hot New Water Cooling Systems Tested

Titan TWC-A04: Installation, Continued

Filling the cooling system is carried out via an inlet nozzle located on the front of the basis unit using a small syringe. Despite of the fact that this can distribute the water very evenly, it is not possible to exclude small splashes. If you want to fit the basis unit into the PC case, then we recommend that you do not screw the unit firmly into place yet, so that you can pull it out shortly before filling it, thus avoiding possible damage to the CD and DVD drives.

Front of the basis unit

The water is filled in on the left

Fitting into the housing: Just as for conventional drives

Cooling Performance: Low Fan Speed Please!

At 0.24 K/W, the cooling performance reaches record values when in high-speed mode, which is primarily attributable to the second radiator. However, the noise level in this case rises to an unpleasant 57 dB(A). It becomes less noisy if the cooling performance is reduced. A value of 48 dB(A) is more tolerable. In this case the cooling performance deteriorates only minimally and is still very good at 0.25 K/W.