7 Hot New Water Cooling Systems Tested

Swiftech H20-8600P: Installation - Demanding

The solution used for connecting the hoses is not necessarily simple but interesting. The plastic connectors are pressed on the components such as the water block or radiator. Now a type of bolt is inserted into the hose and thereafter into the plastic connector. The water cooling unit is really watertight only if the hose is inserted so far that the bolt can no longer be seen.

The radiator with 80 mm fan

The connectors are pushed on to the radiator to affix the hoses there

The pump is only hooked up after the water block and the radiator are already connected to the cooling circuit. At this point an adapter piece is mounted and on the other side there is a hose section with a larger diameter. This hose is now connected to the pump with a hose clip. Dear Swiftech, how about a uniform hose system?

The hose connection at the water pump differs from the other hoses

Adapter pieces render the connection of the hoses possible