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Innovatek Premium XXS: Premium Class

The XX-Flow from Innovatek in blue, other colors can be ordered.

Innovatek offers a huge range of coolers, radiators and accessories. To make things easier for users, there are also complete sets. We opted for the Premium XXS, which retails at $290 (230 €). It consists of the XX-Flow CPU cooler, the HPPS pump with a 12 volt connection, the AGB-O-Matic equalizing reservoir and the Innovatek Radi-Single radiator with a Papst fan. In addition, the set has the corrosion protection system, called Innovatek Protect, and a set of accessories that includes a connection adapter for the pump, mounting material and L-bar connectors as well as a decoupling set for mounting the pump and the thermal paste. A blue PVC hose is enclosed in a satisfactory length of two meters. The workmanship on the Innovatek components is excellent overall and they appear to be of a very high quality.