7 Hot New Water Cooling Systems Tested

Levicom WaterCube: Eye-catcher

WaterCube, from Levicom, comes with a price tag of $180 (€180). The name is really unusual: although it is called a cube, the shape of the water cooling unit is not strictly a cube. The WaterCube consists of the CPU cooling element and a basis unit. The latter accommodates the pump, the radiator, the equalizing reservoir and the printed circuit for control.

Components of the WaterCube

The manufacturer has sized the WaterCube such that it fills precisely two 5.25" drive slots in the PC housing. It is possible to read the temperatures by means of an LCD display on the WaterCube units.

Basis unit

Owing to its blue illumination, the WaterCube is a real eye-catcher. Also the water level indicator and the fan on the back of the device are the same color. Thus the product is particularly interesting for case modders.

In order to reduce the loss of space (due to its claiming the two drive slots) Levicom has also made two USB, one FireWire and two audio connections externally accessible. The USB connection can be directly connected to the motherboard. FireWire and audio connections are guided to the reverse side of the housing by means of a special slot covering.

USB, FireWire and audio can be accessed directly from the basis unit

Reverse side of the WaterCube unit

Connections for the power supply voltage, sensors and fan

Via a potentiometer, the speed of the fan at the radiator is continuously variable.