7 Hot New Water Cooling Systems Tested

Asetek WaterChill: Much Cooling Power At A Low Price

The firm Asetek, known for its VapoChill compressor cooler , sent us a water cooling kit that is aptly called WaterChill and only costs $110 (120 €). The user gets a large assortment of components, consisting of a CPU cooler with two different mounting plates (for Intel and AMD platforms), the water pump, the radiator with 120 mm fan, a control unit for the pump, mounting material and the hose, the instructions and WaterChill stickers. The components appear to be of a high quality.

An overview of all Waterchill components

In addition we received a special CPU cooler by the name of "Antarctica" that is supposed to have a higher cooling capacity than the standard model. This is available for an additional charge of $50 (50 €). The cooler initially impresses due to the three hose connections, although the secret is soon revealed: the water runs into the middle connection, is distributed in the cooling block and then leaves via two different routes shortly afterwards. The hoses are then reunited by means of a Y adapter.

Additional option: Antarctica cooler