7 Hot New Water Cooling Systems Tested

Titan TWC-A04: Installation, Continued

The radiator is located in the housing in place of a conventional 80 mm fan and fixed in position by screws. If you want basis cooling unit to be external, then a slot plate has to be mounted. This ensures that the unit is supplied with power and also provides two pipe couplings for leading water out from the housing. If the unit is installed internally in the PC case, the slot plate is not required.

Interesting design: The radiator

Slot plate for leading out the hoses and the cables for the basis unit

The hoses are particularly easy to install because they are already cut to size. The lengths of the hoses are adequate; however, you have to reckon with loops of hose in the housing, which is caused by surplus length. Those who do not like this can also make the hoses shorter. A tool for fastening the hose clips is included in the set.

Simply screwed in place: The hoses are already cut to size