7 Hot New Water Cooling Systems Tested

Asetek WaterChill: Installation, Continued

The equalizing reservoir can be connected directly to the pump with a short hose section.

Fast and simple: assembly of the hoses

After attaching the CPU cooler, the board can be reinstalled. Installing the hoses is easier. These are merely inserted in the socket. However, considerable patience is required when filling the water cooling kit. There is a lot of air in the thick hoses that first has to be removed. Unfortunately, the pump is not capable of doing this on its own, so you have to give it a helping hand by shaking the components. Once circulation has been established, the remaining air bubbles reach the equalizing reservoir in a few minutes. Therefore, we recommend installing the water cooling system when it is completely full. A power socket does not have to be sacrificed for the pump power supply, as the connection is made via an intermediate plug on the mains power supply. To ensure that the pump is only switched on when the computer is running, it is controlled by an electronic unit.

The adapter cable for the pump is inserted between the mains power supply and the power cable.

The radiator