7 Hot New Water Cooling Systems Tested

Tiger Electronics Silvretta: Installation, Continued

The power supplied to the pump is 12 volts

Moreover the assembly is fast and simple. If necessary the pump can be fixed into the position by four screws. The equalizing reservoir may also be fastened with Velcro, but it cannot be screwed into position. Thus a firm fit of the equalizing reservoir cannot be always ensured. A secure connection of the pump would be desirable.

Equalizing reservoir

Through the large inlet nozzle of the equalizing reservoir, filling cooling system turns out to be rather simple procedure that can be completed in a few minutes.

Cooling Performance: Effective And Silent

With a thermal resistance of 0.32 K/W the Silvretta cooling system delivers good values. This was measured at a fan voltage of 12 volts. The fan generates a noise level of 54 dB(A) which is not exactly whisper-quiet but is bearable. With the fan voltage at 5 volts the cooling performance hardly drops and the thermal resistance now reaches 0.33 K/W. Because the noise level drops to 45 dB(A), this is the recommended setting.