7 Hot New Water Cooling Systems Tested

Swiftech H20-8600P: Good For Hobbyists

The US manufacturer Swiftech sells its complete water cooling set under the unmemorable name of H20-8600P for $160 (160 €). The set consists of the CPU water block MCW6000, a radiator with the 80 mm fan MCR80-F1 and the 12 volt pump MCP600. Alongside the fitting material there are hoses with a spiral covering and a few stopcocks. However, where is the equalizing reservoir? One glance into the manual enlightens us: There is none. Instead, the stopcocks are used for filling.

There is no equalizing reservoir, the stopcocks are tuned instead

Plumber by profession? The components supplied by Swiftech almost suggest this

The spiral wound around the hose not only looks good, but it also effectively prevents kinking