7 Hot New Water Cooling Systems Tested


GlobalWin's Silent Stream is unable to convince with its cooling performance. Only in barebone systems does it score points by virtue of its small 80 mm radiator and compact design. However, its eye-catching design should be of interest for case modders. The price of $80 (80 €) certainly appears to be attractive, but a conventional fan cooler outperforms it price- and performance-wise.

The Asetek Waterchill offers good cooling performance and is easy to install. For just $110 (120 €) the user receives a water cooling system with convincing performance, which can be boosted even further by the Antarctica cooler.

Priced at $299 (235 €), Innovatek's Premium XXS enters the world of water cooling. Convincing performance values, low noise level and first class finishing characterize this set. Moreover, Innovatek is the manufacturer with the most available accessories. Premium XXS is the best choice for those who want to expand their water cooling systems in the future.

Levicom's WaterCube, which can be had for $180 (180 €), certainly looks good but fails to deliver a convincing cooling performance. Those who want a water cooling system and a front panel for USB and FireWire can save money by making use of this combined solution. Those looking for a good and low-noise cooling system would be better served by a different solution.

The H20-8600 from Swiftech boasts outstanding cooling performance at a low noise level and a reasonable price of $160 (160 €). However, the user has to accept that the cooling possesses no equalizing reservoir and that filling it with water takes some time.

The silent Silvretta cooling system from Tiger Electronics is a solid cooling solution with an attractive design. However, at a price of $270 (230 €) it is not a bargain.

For $180 (180 €), users can get the TWC-A04 of Titan. This system pleases with its pre-cut hoses, which promise users a quick installation and the possibility of placing the basis unit outside of the PC case. Its cooling performance is good but the noise level is only tolerable at low fan speeds.