A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

Fanner: Spire Cu King II (5E070B1H3G) & Falcon Rock (5F271B1M3)

The Copper-King-II and the Falcon-Rock were submitted by the Fanner Group, which sells its products under the label "Spire-Coolers."

Made Completely Of Copper: Copper King II

The Copper King II consists of a sold copper plate onto which folded copper cooling fins have been soldered.

The ventilator measures sixty millimeters in diameter and reaches speeds of approximately 5100 rpm. Its compact design impresses, measuring only 63 x 60 x 48 Millimeters.

The contact surface to the CPU is highly polished. While there is no PAD on the contact surface, the package contains a small tube of thermal paste. The clip of the Copper King II is simple in design; the device can be installed without any problems, although the clip is a bit stiff. Admittedly, the cooler is not fixed in place as rigidly as is the case with most clips, which clip onto all three notches of the processor socket. We calculated the thermal resistance to be 0.52°C/W, which resulted in a maximum die temperature of 60°C when tested with the Athlon XP 2400+. The noise level was average, standing at 56.5dB(A). All in all, it's a good standard cooler for the Athlon XP to 2800+.