A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

AVC Co. Ltd.: 112C81 And Z6M330 Frost

The 112C81 and the Z6M330 are ample proof of the fact that good and practically identical cooling capacity can be achieved with completely different heat sink designs. Both models are equipped with a triple clip and are very easy to install.

AVC 112C81

The base of the 112C81's heat sink comprises an aluminum profile into which a copper core has been inserted on the base. The copper core measures 30 millimeters in diameter. The core serves to rapidly conduct heat away from the surface of the processor and to distribute it over a larger area. It therefore functions as a kind of external heat spreader. Using this trick, it is possible to significantly increase the "efficiency" of the aluminum profile. The ventilation screws can be simply screwed onto the two outer-most fins. A flow channel encloses the top of the entire heat sink. Weighing in at just under 300 grams and boasting a thermal resistance of 0.38 K/W, it is hardly surprising that this cooler is recommended by AMD for use in processors up to the Athlon XP 2700+. When operating at full capacity, the temperature of the die stood at just under 51° C; the operating noise was just above 51dB(A).