A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

Easy Upgrading: Taisol CGK760098 & CGK760172

Taisol has once again proved with its products that a powerful cooler does not necessarily have to make an almighty racket. The special thing about this heat sink is that it is not an extrusion product like many makes, but is produced using a forging process. The advantages of forging are higher material thickness and thus better heat transfer characteristics. The 80 x 60 x 7 mm base plate also has a copper inlay for swifter heat distribution. Although the base is smooth, it isn't perfect by a long shot. Both coolers are easily affixed with a clip that attaches to the three notches on the socket.

Excellent Performance And Moderately Loud: CGK760172

The CGK-760172 is included by AMD in its list of recommended coolers for the Athlon XP 2700+.

Taisol has affixed a heat transfer pad from Chomerics on the copper inlay, thus ensuring swift heat distribution across the entire cooler surface. The CGK760172's cooler measures 60 x 10 millimeters and spins at 4800rpm. The cooling capacity is very good, with a thermal resistance of 0.44°C/W (die temperature = 54 °C), and a tolerable noise level of 50dB(A).