A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

Innovative And Very Well-Performing: Vantec Aeroflow VA4-C7040

Actually, everything about the Aeroflow VA4-C7040 is convincing. The innovative Aeroflow design of the aluminum heat sink is not just aesthetically pleasing; combined with the tip magnetic drive fan from Y.S. Tech, it also helps the cooler achieve extremely good cooling performance.

Its special design allows the air to flow virtually unimpeded in the direction of the copper core to then emerge at the four sides of the heat sink. No complaints about the finishing, either, which is definitely on a par with the products from Swiftech, for example.

The copper core that provides the contact surface with the CPU ensures rapid heat conduction. Installation was a breeze, thanks to an ergodynamic three-way clip and the supplied thermal paste. A comprehensive illustrated installation manual is provided for novices.

The test results were excellent. Working to full capacity, the maximum die temperature was 52°C, with a thermal resistance measuring 0.39 °C/W. This places the VA4-C7040 among the best of the aluminium/ copper coolers. At 45dB(A), it gets the job done amazingly quietly while weighing in at just shy of 400 grams.