A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

AVC Z6M330

AVC entered a second cooler in the race that went by the name Z6M330 (Frost).

It is based on a solid copper plate with a pre-assembled T725 PAD. The aluminum fins have been pressed into the base plate to enhance thermal conductivity. Measuring at least two millimeters, the two fins located directly above the die are significantly thicker than the fins located to the left and right of them. This is designed to further improve the thermal conductivity at the (supposedly) hottest spot. The speed and noise levels of the cooler are practically identical with the values of the 112C81 (4600 rpm, 51.2dB(A)). The slightly lower thermal resistance of 0.37 °K/W results in a die temperature of as little as 50°C. While this cooler is not specifically recommended by AMD, it is almost certain to be in a position to master the heat dissipation of a XP2700+ CPU.