A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

Installation Guide In The Lid: Unique2800

Here's a funny detail: instead of a package insert, the Unique2800 has its installation guide printed on the inside of the box. Not a bad idea at all, in our opinion.

A cooler by Y.S. Tech (NFD1270152B-1F) graces the aluminum heat sink, which is held in position by two springs.

The base has a copper inlay and is polished to a sheen. The manufacturer has already applied heat transfer grease. The clip is the same as with the Vento III. For use in Socket 478 systems, it can be exchanged for the two clips included in the package. The performance data are the same as the Vento III down to last decimal place: thermal resistance 0.49°C/W and 57°C die temperature. However, at 50.3dB(A), the Unique2800 is two decibels louder. And no wonder: the cooler has a diameter of just 70 millimeters and is faster than that of the Vento III. Nevertheless, the Unique2800 is another good all-arounder.