A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

Regulated Or Not: Four Tiger Electronics

The fans on the Miprocool and the Miprocool II are temperature-regulated. The temperature sensor is located in a borehole in the cooler's base plate. The SDC38130BC and the Dragonfly are designed primarily for power and do not include this feature.

Lightweight And Quiet: Miprocool

The Miprocool is the predecessor model of the Miprocool II. Tiger Electronics recommends this cooler for processors up to the Athlon-XP 2200+. The heat sink consists of three parts: the lower part forms the actual heat sink, with an 80-millimeter fan screwed left and right to a slide. All the parts are made of aluminum. The clip attaches to the six notches of the socket.

The contact surface is fairly smooth and fitted with a heat-conductivity pad that we removed for the test and photo. Depending on the temperature, the fan rotation speed varies between 1500rpm and 3500rpm (test values). At 39dB(A) in idle operating mode, the fan is very quiet. At full capacity, the noise level reaches a moderate 47 dB(A). With a maximum die temperature of 65°C and thermal resistance of 0.67°C/W, the cooler might be just slightly overtaxed with the Athlon-XP 2400+, but it certainly provides a quiet and well-dimensioned cooling solution for an Athlon-XP 2200+.