A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

Large, Heavy And Temperature-Regulated: CAK4-88T

The CAK4-88T is the smaller brother to the CAK4-86. It is based on the same copper cooler profile with skived fins. The clip and fan adapter are identical. However, the CAK4-88T's fan is temperature-regulated and somewhat lower, resulting in a slightly lower weight of 662 grams.

The thermistor that controls the fan speed is sandwiched between the aluminum housing and the outside cooling ribs.

Depending on the temperature, speeds vary between 2,550rpm (48.5db(A)) and 3,400rpm. In peak load operation, the CAK4-88T with its 61.5dB(A) is very loud, but does have outstanding cooling capabilities (maximum die temperature 51°C; thermal resistance 0.38°C/W).