A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

Heavy But Zippy: Dragonfly-P2B

At 530 grams, the Dragonfly (DF1-P2B) is the heaviest of the four.

It is made entirely of copper. The base plate is a bit thicker than that of the SDC38130B, whereas the cooling fins (21 each to the right and the left of the clip) are around six millimeters shorter. Papst supplied the 60-millimeter fan. It rotates at a speed of around 4100 rpm, with a noise level recorded at 50.7dB(A).

In terms of workmanship, the Dragonfly matches up to the SDC38130B in all respects. But the cooling power of the DF1-P2B is slightly better. The thermal resistance of the test configuration was 0.48 °C/W (die temperature 55°C). The installation was another plus point for the DF1-P2B: the clip slots onto all of the socket notches and no tools whatsoever are required.