A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

Good Performance And As Quiet As A Whisper: CGK760098

Anyone looking for a cooler you wouldn't know was there is best serviced with the CGK760098. It differs from the CGK760172 only in its larger sized fan (60 x 14 millimeters), whose fan wheel, however, only turns at 2,800rpm. At just under 40dB(A), it is hardly audible.

The CGK-76098 also has a copper inlay on its base and a heat transfer pad from Chomerics. Its cooling capabilities are more modest (thermal resistance 0.53°C/W; die temperature 61°C). Although AMD does not recommend this cooler explicitly, THG believes it is suitable for CPUs over and above the Athlon XP 2400+.