A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

Lighter, Smaller, But With More Cooling Power: SDC38130BC

The SDC38130BC can't deny its relation to the Miprocool II. Here, too, a copper plate provides the base for the heat sink, onto which 25 aluminum fins are soldered. Although the fan wheel measures just 60 millimeters in diameter, it is relatively speedy at 5675rpm. To be sure, the resulting soundscape of nearly 58dB(A) is not everybody's cup of tea. Those with sensitive ears would do better to use the PDC38130BC with a Papst fan.

Unlike the two Miprocools, the SDC38130B is only attached to the middle notch of the socket with a simple clip. The cooling performance is good, and the manufacturer says it can handle an Athlon-XP 2600+. We recorded a thermal resistance of 0.49°C/W in the test, with the die temperature rising to just under 56°C.