A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

Heavier, Quieter And With Better Cooling Performance: Miprocool II

The Miprocool II is based on a 5-millimeter copper base plate onto which 24 fins are soldered. Two steel pins keep the fins apart from one another. Since copper is the basic material of the Miprocool II, it is heavier than its predecessor (430g/283g). Despite the protective fan casing, though, it is somewhat quieter when at full capacity (45dB(A)). In idle operation, the purr of the Miprocool II is barely audible.

A heat conductivity pad (removed for the test) rests on the smooth contact surface; a tube of thermal grease and an installation manual are supplied. The fastening clip is identical to that of the Miprocool.

The Miprocool II's cooling performance is good, but it doesn't set any new standards (thermal resistance 0.62°C; die temperature 62°C).