A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

The Performer: APSK0181-C

The APSK0181-C is based on the same aluminum profile as the APSK0168-B, and the fan is identical in dimensions and speed. The surface area, at 72 x 65 millimeters, is a tad smaller.

In order to coax a bit more cooling power, however, it has a copper core of 25 x 10 millimeters at the contact surface to the CPU.

Because the core of the base plate penetrates the top, it is thus directly in the airflow. This adds extra cooling capability. Compared to the APSK0168B, the contact surface is even smoother and more polished. The sum of these performance-boosting measures results in a lower thermal resistance of 0.46°C/W and a reduction in die temperature of some 3°C during the test.