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A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

Technical Data: 34 Coolers In Comparison

Manufacturer & ProductWeightWxDxH [mm]Fan Æ [mm]Fan Height [mm]MaterialNoise Level [dB(A)]RPM [1/min]Rtherm [°C/W]Tdie [°C]
Ajigo Corp. MF014-021298 g60 x 62 x 416010Ni plated55.158000.4153
Ajigo Corp. MF018-011304 g60 x 62 x 456013Ni plated50.247000.4555
AVC 112C81292 g78 x 63 x 636013cuAl51.545000.3851
AVC Frost288 g74 x 63 x 516015cuAl51.246000.3750
Coolermaster CP5-7JD1B-0L371 g80 x 75 x 717025cuAl39.324000.5461
Coolermaster HAC-V81464 g80 x 84 x 848025cuAl65.245500.3750
CoolJag JVC652A275 g80 x 74 x 647015Al50.340000.4453
Fanner 5E070B1H3G Copper King II336 g63 x 60 x 486020cu56.551000.5260
Fanner 5F271B1M3 Falcon Rock370 g80 x 80 x 708025cuAl50.129000.4857
Global WIN CAK4-86787 g80 x 80 x 1038038cu72.661250.3346
Global WIN CAK4-88T662 g80 x 80 x 928025cu61.534000.3851
Global WIN TAK58445 g87 x 66 x 806015Al40.333000.5161
Nengtyi KN-01300 g65 x 62 x 506015Ni plated48.546700.5763
Nengtyi KN-02407 g80 x 62 x 516015Ni plated51.848000.5058
Pentalpha APSK0168-B278 g80 x 65 x 606020Al55.842000.5057
Pentalpha APSK0181-C277 g72 x 65 x 606020cuAl54.841250.4654
Pentalpha APSK0181-L277 g72 x 65 x 606020cuAl42.530500.5560
SpringSpread Vento III253 g80 x 80 x 608025cuAl48.325000.4957
SpringSpread Unique2800308 g82 x 70 x 537015cuAl50.333000.4957
Swiftech MCX462-U+/ Y.S.-Tech Fan762 g76 x 76 x 587516cuAl58.555200.4051
Swiftech MCX462-U+ Vantec TD8038A884 g76 x 76 x 858038cuAl69.359000.3447
Taisol CGK760172305 g80 x 60 x 596010cuAl50.548500.4454
Taisol CGK76098322 g80 x 60 x 626014cuAl40.328000.5361
Thermaltake Vulcano 7+650 g70 x 72 x 727025cu48.725000.4556
Thermaltake Vulcano 9518 g80 x 80 x 788025cuAl44.318000.6066
Titan TTC-cu5 TB454 g72 x 72 x 607016cu59.746250.4051
Titan TTC-D5 TB(F/CU35)305 g80 x 80 x 648025cuAl40.226001.0188
EKL 20704101059366 g75 x 63 x 566020cuAl44.535000.4857
Vantec VA4-C7040398 g70 x 70 x 617415cuAl45.355000.3952
Tiger Electronics DF1-P2B520 g80 x 62 x 566025cu50.741250.4855
Tiger Electronics SDC38130BC383 g80 x 62 x 636025cuAl57.556750.4956
Tiger Electronics Miprocool II430 g80 x 80 x 678025cuAl45.336000.6262
Tiger Electronics Miprocool283 g80 x 80 x 668025Al47.135000.6765
Molex 37256-0005250 g70 x 62 x 496013cuAl54.553000.4855