A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

Battle Of The Titans: TTC-CU5 TB & TTC-D5T(F/CU35)

Titan sent us a powerful copper cooler, the TTC-CU5 TB, and a model with an aluminum heat sink and a copper core. The TTC-D5 TB has a temperature-regulated fan, too. Both models have an effective safety guard on top of the fans.

Glitzy Cooler: TTC-CU5 TB

The TTC-CU5 TB appeals to the eye right away with its silver fan casing and polished heat sink cover. Even the simple clip has been polished to a sparkle. Weighing in at 450 grams, the CU5 TB is the heaviest and best-performing of the three Titans. The entire heat sink is made of copper; the fins are (presumably) soldered into place.

The contact surface with the CPU has been polished to a shine. The package contains a tube with thermal grease as well as a heat conductivity pad from Shin-Etsu.

The cooling performance leaves no room for complaint. At full capacity, a thermal resistance of 0.4°C/W ensures a moderate 51°C inside the XP 2400+ processor. This cooler leaves enough leeway for higher-clocking CPUs. At nearly 60dB(A), this tiny dynamo is not exactly quiet, however.