A Comparison of 34 Coolers for the AMD Athlon XP

A German Quality Product: EKL 20704101059

The German cooler manufacturer EKL has made a name for itself primarily in the OEM business. They want to repeat this success in the retail business with innovative products and appealing product packaging. The first step has been made with the EKL 20704101059.

The model is based on a plate made of solid copper. The cooling ribs are made of aluminum and are connected to the base plate using the crimp method. The crimp method involves first milling a triangular groove into the copper plate into which the aluminum fin can be inserted. Finally, a tool is used to bend the groove inward left and right of the fin. This means that the fin sits very tight and has excellent thermal transition to the base plate.

The base of the EKL 20704101059 is very even, but not polished. The attached heat transfer pad is designed to provide good heat transition to the die. The crimp joining technique ensures a light heat transition resistance, as shown by the test results. Thermal resistance is 0.48°C/W (die temperature 57°C) and noise, at slightly above 44dB(A), is at a pleasantly low level. Thus, the EKL 20704101059 offers an excellent compromise between performance and a low noise level.