Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Cables And Connectors

The user has an easy time of setup: plug in the cables you need, and store everything else in the cardboard box to keep the case nice and tidy.

The selection of cables is huge, including:

  • 2 lines with two 5.25" connectors
  • one line with two 5.25" connectors and a floppy-drive connector
  • 2 lines with one 5.25" connector each
  • one AUX power cable
  • one cable with P4 plug
  • one ATX main power connector
  • one adapter for a 5-25" connector to two SATA connectors

Plug in what you need: the X-Connect cables


While the unit delivers the required power, the 3.3 V rail drops to 2.95 V at max load - far too much of a drop compared with the specified limit of 3.14 V. Even at half load, the 3.17 V readout of the 3.3V rail nearly approaches the tolerance limit. All other voltages fell within tolerance limits in our test.

Plain to see: all important specs are included on the model sticker

The 74% efficiency we measured under half load is respectable, and 70% efficiency at maximum load is also acceptable, but 61% efficiency at low load is decidedly too low. In that case too much cold, hard cash is vaporized as thermal loss - a fault the manufacturer absolutely has to remedy.

You'll have to fork out $100 in stores for this unit. While that may not be a bargain, it could represent a good deal for case modders.