Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Tagan TG430-U22

Overall Impression

Unlike the i-Xeye, the U22 comes in the classic black design.

The TG430-U22 is the second power supply that we received from Tagan for this test. This power supply has different regulator controls for the two 12V voltage paths, but it is still at the beta stage, so we will repeat the test for the final version. A switch on the rear side of the power supply is not for selecting the voltage, but rather for choosing between split and combined voltage modes.

In contrast to the i-Xeye, with this power supply Tagan did not make modding "style" a priority - the almost completely black power supply has not one window, only a vent hole on the upper side and an 80 mm fan at the front and back.

No, this is not a selector for 115/230 V. In this case you switch between split and combined modes of the voltage rails.