Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Enermax EG701AX-VE(W)

Overall Impression

Blue all over: the Noisetaker power supply from Enermax

The Noisetaker EG701AX-VE(W) ATX12V 2.0 power supply from Enermax features 600 watts of output power. It is primarily aimed at users with SLi systems, for which two six-pin PCIe connectors are included, meaning you no longer need to search for the right adapter.

The power supply can also power two PCIe graphics cards

No voltage switch: the "universal" label refers to the fact that the power supply can be operated at both 115 V and 230 V. On the left is the fan speed controller.

The unit features two fans: an 80 mm fan on the back, and a 90 mm fan on the bottom. Their speeds can be adjusted using a controller located on the back of the unit. If the set speed isn't enough to keep the power supply sufficiently cool, they will speed up automatically.

Smart fan control: the fans continue to run until the operating temperature falls below 40° C, even when the computer is shut down. If you want peace and quiet before then, you'll have to turn off the power supply power switch.