Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Cables And Connectors

Tagan's leads are exemplary. The four-pin P4 connector can be changed into an eight-pin connector, so it can also supply Dual Xeon boards. The ATX connectors can be extended from 20 to 24 pins. An additional 5.25" Molex connector and the PCIe connector are likewise supplied, and their connecting leads are coated (as are the preceding connectors).

The ground line comes as standard at Tagan. Now the ground line has a removable insulation on the spade terminal, so that the hardware is not damaged when not in use.

There are also eight 5.25" connectors and two floppy connectors, divided between four cords. Things could get a bit tight with the two SATA connectors supplied (on two cords).

The splittable ATX connectors are brilliantly solved at Tagan ... are the P4 connectors


The power supply from Tagan didn't cause any difficulties in this test. We must point out, however, that we often had problems with the power supplies from Tagan, most recently with THG-Stresstest . In that particular test a Tagan power supply had failed totally.

All the specifications are correct: the name plate of Tagan's i-Xeye.

Voltages are stable and constantly within the specified limits. There are, however, a few shortcomings when it comes to efficiency: just 70% under full load and 71% under half load are not enough, and under minimal load the efficiency is as low as 66%. Even when operating on standby, the Tagan power supply draws more than necessary: 8 W under low load and 25 W under high load corresponds to an efficiency of 29% and 41%. The manufacturer has some improving to do here.

At $75, the device is very cheap.