Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units


New computer systems have insatiable power appetites. The latest Prescott Pentium 4 processors aren't the only components that will eat up as much power as you give them - newer graphics cards from Nvidia and ATI are also becoming increasingly power-hungry. This is especially true when two cards are used with an SLI connector for tandem operation.

The new power supply standard ATX12V 2.01 necessitates a new power supply for PCIe systems, which is reason enough for THG to put the latest devices to the test. We are particularly concerned with efficiency values, an aspect that is frequently overlooked. The more efficient the power supply is, the less energy is converted to heat inside the unit. Less heat means the fans inside the unit spin more slowly while kicking out the same level of power, which translates into significantly less noise. Less heat also means that the components of the supply are under less strain, thus boosting the life of the power supply as well as that of the other components installed inside the computer.

An efficient power supply is thus an investment in the future, so it's worth spending a few extra bucks on it. Since less waste may mean less of a hit on your electric bill, a more expensive but more efficient supply may pay for itself over time.