Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Tagan I-Xeye 420W

Overall Impression

A window to look inside, but unfortunately you can't see a lot

Tagan has launched the i-Xeye onto the market with the internal name TG420-U02, which is intended to support the standard ATX12V 2.0. The power supply gets its name because of the "eye", a window in the base. The curious user won't see much however, only the rear side of a small circuit board and a big heat sink.

The power supply has two 80 mm fans; one is in front and one at the back. The power switch has a protective covering that is reminiscent of a moisture-proof wall socket of the sort one might find in the basement. What's it doing on a PC power supply? We simply have no idea. The main disadvantage of the protective covering is that the power supply cannot be turned on and off too quickly. Nevertheless, the plastic cap can be removed easily.

In spite of the protective covering, the power supply can not be used in a damp environment.