Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Silverstone SST-ST52F

Overall Impression

The Silverstone SST-ST52F; predecessor model shown here

Silverstone's SST-ST52F is a power supply with 400 W total output in line with the ATX12V 2.0 and EPS12V specifications, which allows its use in dual CPU systems. For our test we used a predecessor model designated ENS-0252, which didn't have a PCIe connector (the new model series will feature one.) Two 80 mm fans serve to cool down the power supply.

Cables And Connectors

Neither the 24-pin ATX connector nor the 8-pin EPS connector can be unplugged, although adapters are included to hook up with older ATX boards. Watch out with the 6-pin connector of the predecessor model - although it fits into current PCIe graphics cards, the setup is not identical, creating a risk of damaging your graphics card, or even the power supply. The additional PCIe connector to be provided with the new model is to be labeled so as to point out the different connector layouts.

This kind of adapter is familiar: from 24 to 20 pins...

...though the adapter for the P4 connector may not be, going from 8 pins (EPS) down to 4.