Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Cables And Connectors

The power supply comes equipped with a 20-pin ATX connector and a four-pin P4 connector. The supply of 5.25" peripheral and floppy connectors is rather sparse: five 5.25" and one floppy connector distributed over three cable groups, which is not nearly enough.

Also with ATX12V 1.3: SATA power connector with 3.3V cable


The contender from Nexus handled our battery of tests with ease. Voltages remain stable even under extremely heavy loads, with the greatest deviation we registered just under 300 mV on the 12V rail at heavy load. The 76% efficiency value at medium load is a decent value, while the 70% and 71% recorded at maximum load and low load are a tad worse.

All you need to know is there, even a color key

With efficiencies of 83% in standby mode and 72% under low and maximum loads, the NX-4090 is among the best in the test in this regard, requiring input voltages of just 3 W and 16 W respectively.

The device can be had for $90, which we consider a fair price.