Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Product Summary

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ProductSuper Flower SF-450TS450WI-Star TC-500R8P500WI-Star TC-500R8P (single)500WNorthQ NQ-4775-400400W
Full Load
+3.3VImax3.20 V25.0 A3.24 V30.3 A3.26 V12.0 APSU switched off19.7 A
+5VImax4.90 V28.1 A5.00 V20.0 A4.85 V30.0 A13.0 A
+12V1VImax12.01 V8.6 A12.08 V11.5 A12.23 V11.5 A10.4 A
+12V2VImax11.98 V8.6 A12.01 V11.5 A12.10 V11.5 A10.4 A
Medium Load
+3.3VImax3.26 V16.9 A3.29 V15.2 A3.28 V15.2 A3.29 V9.8 A
+5VImax5.02 V11.2 A5.06 V10.0 A5.05 V10.0 A5.02 V6.5 A
+12V1VImax12.02 V4.3 A12.04 V5.7 A12.06 V5.7 A12.07 V5.2 A
+12V2VImax11.99 V4.3 A12.02 V5.7 A12.09 V5.7 A12.03 V5.2 A
Light Load
+3.3VImax3.36 V6.8 A3.33 V6.1 A3.32 V6.1 A3.33 V3.9 A
+5VImax5.09 V4.5 A5.12 V4.0 A5.08 V4.0 A5.11 V2.6 A
+12V1VImax11.98 V1.7 A12.06 V2.3 A12.08 V2.3 A12.07 V2.1 A
+12V2VImax11.99 V1.7 A12.04 V2.3 A12.06 V2.3 A12.05 V2.1 A
-12V Power Rail
Imin-12.01 V0.13 A-11.81 V0.08 A-11.90 V0.05 A-12.04 V0.08 A
Imax-11.70 V0.67 A-11.50 V0.60 A-11.46 V0.58 A-11.65 V0.62 A
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ProductEnermax EG701AX-VE(W)600WAntec NeoPower480WUltrapower AT-T460 AP460W
Full Load
+3.3VImax3.20 V30.3 A3.17 V25.0 APSU switched off22.7 A
+5VImax4.97 V20.0 A4.89 V23.5 A15.0 A
+12V1VImax12.04 V15.8 A11.89 V10.8 A12.9 A
+12V2VImax11.89 V15.8 A11.81 V10.8 A12.9 A
Medium Load
+3.3VImax3.27 V15.2 A3.24 V15.2 A3.21 V11.4 A
+5VImax5.12 V10.0 A4.99 V10.0 A5.06 V7.5 A
+12V1VImax12.12 V7.9 A11.95 V5.4 A11.71 V6.5 A
+12V2VImax12.03 V7.9 A11.91 V5.4 A11.61 V6.5 A
Light Load
+3.3VImax3.30 V6.1 A3.32 V6.1 A3.28 V4.5 A
+5VImax5.16 V4.0 A5.05 V4.0 A5.11 V3.0 A
+12V1VImax12.21 V3.2 A11.99 V2.2 A11.88 V2.6 A
+12V2VImax12.18 V3.2 A11.97 V2.2 A11.86 V2.6 A
-12V Power Rail
Imin-12.25 V0.13 A-12.02 V0.11 A-11.66 V0.10 A
Imax-12.23 V0.68 A-11.99 V0.65 A-11.23 V0.61 A