Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Zalman ZM400B-APS

Overall Impression

The ZM400B from Zalman has been kept "in the black"

Zalman, a manufacturer known for coolers, has launched onto the market the black ZM400B-APS, which meets the ATX12V standard 1.3. As you would expect from a cooler manufacturer, there is an interesting extra here: an adapter for four fans, of which two can be run with 12V and two with 5V. There are also four Velcro straps in the pack, which enable you to manage the "cable spaghetti" in the PC quickly. The advantage over conventional cable ties is that the Velcro straps are very easy to undo and can be reused.

The power supply has a temperature-controlled fan. An oversized power switch adorns the rear side - you'll have no trouble finding this one, even under the desk in pitch darkness.

Velcro tapes hold cable chaos in check: they keep order in the casing and can be quickly assembled

As you would expect from a cooler manufacturer: adapters for fans, two in 12V and two in 5V.

The big power switch is easy to find