Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Cables And Connectors

The user is free to hook up whatever cables are required. Besides the standard 24-pin ATX 12V 2.0-compliant connector, an included adapter also makes it possible to operate the unit with older motherboards. A four-pin P4 connector is included, as is a six-pin PCIe connector. One SATA connector has two hard drive ports, and another can be connected via a 5.25" Molex connector, although this is lacking the 3.3V cable. The two floppy connectors are supplied with power in the same manner. There are nine 5.25" connectors distributed over three groups of cables. Added to that is a special fan connector with a 12V output to two 5.25" connectors. As a little bonus, Antec throws in two extra SATA connectors and two Molex connectors that users can attach to the cables if they want. Color-coded labels help you avoid erroneous connections.

Floppy connectors can only be hooked up via an adapter

No connector wasted : special connectors just for fans

The configuration of the ports makes it impossible to confuse or misconnect the cables

Should the included connectors not suffice, additional ones can be added manually. Be sure to follow the color scheme !


The power supply handily deals with any problems, with values always falling within the given specs in our test. While the voltages stray slightly from the indicated values under heavy loads, they consistently remain within the 5% margin. While efficiency ratings are good at 73% under maximum load and 72% at half load, the 63% we measured at low load is pretty meager.

All power specs are indicated

In standby mode, the power supply requires 5 W at low load and 21 W at high load, which corresponds to efficiency ratings of 45% and 67% respectively. Antec’s power supply behaves correctly by shutting off power completely in the event of a short circuit.

While it has a plethora of bonus features, the power supply is rather pricey at $130.