Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Cables And Connectors

Apart from the ATX and the P4 connectors, there is also the rarely needed AUX connector at the end of one line. With six 5.25" connectors, distributed between two cords, there are just about enough connectors; on each of the two lines there is also a floppy connector.


Unfortunately, this power supply could not make it through our test course. At half and low load everything was fine: the voltages were stable and remained within the specifications. An efficiency level of 74% at half load was acceptable, but a 66% efficiency level at a low load point leaves room for improvement.

The power supply does not have a name plate, the box will have to do.

When we switched up the load further though, we noticed that the voltage of 12V quickly slumped and hovered just under a limit of 11.4 V. Shortly after the limit is exceeded, the power supply suddenly cuts out, at a load of just 275 of its rated 460 Watts! The limiting current stands at just under 17A on the 12V rail, while according to the manufacturer's own specifications it's supposed to be able to deliver a maximum of 30A. The other lines have only a low base load.

The device comes cheap at $60.