Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Cables And Connectors

The ATX connector is of the 24-pin variety, while older boards can be connected via the included adapter. The supplied PCIe connector takes care of powering newer graphics cards. User-friendly 5.25" connectors can be easily unplugged from the devices; the connector may have to be modified for older graphics cards that have to be connected in like manner.

User-friendly connectors make assembly easy and insulating covers for the cable bundles keep the insides of the system "spic and span"

Older motherboards can be connected with this adapter

There is one floppy connector in addition to the obligatory P4 connector, which we find insufficient. Similarly, two SATA connectors may pose a bottleneck in the future. On the other hand, the supplied eight 5.25" connectors should be more than enough.


Fortron's entrant passed our benchmarks with flying colors. The needed power can be drawn from the power supply without notable fluctuations in voltage, and the measurements we recorded were fully in compliance with the specs.

Efficiency is an amazingly high 75% at low load, and even at medium load, a rating of 78% means it ranks among the best in class. At max load, efficiency drops to a low 71%. At low standby load 77% efficiency is achievable, with input power of only 3W. At a very high load of 2A, the voltage drops to just within the specified tolerance limits (4.75V).

Everything is correctly labeled; our test unit continuously delivered the peak value of 500W.

The power supply can be had cheaply, at around $90.