Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Cables And Connectors

Besides the obligatory ATX and P4 connectors, there are ten 5.25" connectors and two floppy connectors split between four cords, which is plenty. There are also two SATA connectors.

Conventional 20-pin ATX connectors

SATA connectors are not always supplied with ATX 12V 1.3 devices

In addition, there is another connector for monitoring the fan speed signal. This means that, with the aid of software, the status of the fan can be monitored from the PC. There is also another line with a two-pin connector, which the manual fails to mention.

Line for the speed signal (above) and a non-documented line


Everything looks rosy on our test bed with this power supply too. Stable voltages up to maximum load show that the device can keep the promises in its specifications. After the power supply is switched off, it reveals a little secret: a fan servo control ensures that the components continue to be cooled down for a few extra minutes.

On the efficiency front, the power supply proves to be rather average with 70% and 71% for high and medium load, it also has a middling reading of 65% under low load.

All the specifications are set out legibly

The readings in stand-by mode are poor: 10 W under minimum load and a whopping 28 watts under high stand-by load. These readings are exceeded only by redundant server power supplies.

At $60, the SF-450TS comes very cheap.