Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Cables And Connectors

The power supply's ATX connector is 24-pin, but can be converted into a 20-pin by taking off the extension; they didn't forget a six-pin PCIe connector either. Seven 5.25" connectors and two floppy connectors are distributed among three strands of cable, and four SATA connectors hook up with the hard drives via two strands. In addition to the obligatory P4 connector, a tachometer connection is also available for monitoring mainboard fans.

Cable ties are useful extras, though the knurled screws are of dubious worth. After all, it's not every week you change out your power supply...

This mainboard connector allows you to monitor fan RPM


The Sharkoon power supply had no problems with voltage stability all the way up to maximum load. Sharkoon is way out front in terms of efficiency: at 80% for both full and half load, it was among the best we tested! Even at minimal load, it remained a frontrunner at 75%.

The combined power would have been a nice addition to the nameplate, all other key data is there.

At 59% and 69% respectively (minimum and maximum load), this power supply was also a champ in standby mode. For users interested in low electric bills, this device is a worthwhile investment; at For $130 retail, the Sharkoon power supply is a good deal for the performance it offers.