Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Cables And Connectors

In addition to the two PCIe connectors mentioned above, the power supply has a 24-pin ATX connector that can optionally be used with older boards by unplugging the four-pin extension. The advantages of this versus an adapter are three-fold: you can't lose it; there is less contact resistance; and it's easier to cable.

Separable ATX cable for 20-pin and 24-pin connectors: one of the few connectors with a plug wide enough to fit into both ports.

Two cable bundles each feature a 5.25" connector and floppy drive connector; another bundle has three 5.25" connectors. A whopping four Serial ATA hard drives can be hooked up to the unit, meaning there are enough connection options for every conceivable usage scenario.

Ferrite core to protect against EMI (electromagnetic interference)


The power supply from Enermax delivers what the indicated specs promise: the unit pumps out 600 watts DC without the temperature of the air it emits reaching critical values, and it remains nice and quiet. The voltages are very stable and always remain within the tolerance limits specified for ATX.

Except for the combined output voltage, which should really be indicated, the product sticker contains all key info

With 77% efficiency at maximum load and 79% half load, the Enermax is clearly among the leaders. Despite these high efficiency values, a good 150 W of power are lost as thermal dissipation under maximum load. In standby mode the efficiency values are average, at 53% at low load and 73% at high load.

Enermax doesn't exaggerate on its label

While not exactly a bargain at $180, the unit is a good investment for a high-end system, considering the output and the range of standard features.