Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Cables And Connectors

The ATX connector is 24-pin and is dual-use with an unpluggable extension for use with older motherboards. Extra graphics cards connectors are included along with a 5.25" Molex plug and a six-pin PCIe connector. SATA hard drives are hooked up via two SATA connectors on a single strand; we wish there were more. Six additional 5.25" connectors and two floppy connectors - in a blue tone that takes some getting used to - are spread between two strands. A special feature offered is the connectors for attaching fans: three each of three-pin and 5.25" connectors provide 12 V power to the fans.

Unpluggable connector extension for use with old ATX mainboards

PCIe connector with ferrite core to protect against electromagnetic interference

A connector fitting older graphics cards is also provided

Fan connections galore: three plugs for 5.25"...

...and a like number in three-pin style...

...along with a bridge allow operating multiple fans without all kinds of rigging


The Jaguar power supply cannot deliver the 450 W it promises; the unit just shut itself off before getting to maximum load. Half load, on the other hand, was no problem, and the device stayed within the specified voltage range.

So which model was it then? Common-use nameplates save money for manufacturers but create confusion for users

At 75% for half load and 70% for low load, the power supply shows good efficiency. In standby mode however its efficiency was only middling at 43% and 63% respectively.

For only $66, this power supply is quite inexpensive for the performance.