Strong Showing: High-Performance Power Supply Units

Ultra X-Connect 500W

Overall Impression

Cableless: the Ultra X-Connect

The X-Connect is a ATX12V 1.3 power supply for neatniks, a fact that's evident as soon as you open the box, to find that it contains another box with all the cables. All supply cables, including the fat ATX cable, can be hooked up to the power supply separately. The designers apparently had modding freaks in mind, too: all the lines are wrapped with UV-reactive braiding. The power supply case itself features a thoroughly nifty design: a titanium frame interrupted by green Perspex windows with the company's silver logo near the fan input. That's right: a power supply with transparent view.

power supply with transparent view

The X-Connect is likely to appeal to case modders above all

The power switch is likewise in green, as are the recessed power receptacle. Only the supplied 115-230V converter is in red.

Please note: as with other units, the red voltage selector absolutely must be set correctly before you turn the unit on for the first time!