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Samsung Targets SSD for Gamers

Samsung revealed today that it is kicking off a new campaign by targeting the PC gaming industry with its high-performance 256 GB solid state drives (SSD). The company hopes to capture gamers with the "lightning-fast processing power" offered by it SSDs, providing superior performance over traditional hard disk drives, and longer battery power for the notebook gamer.

The 256 GB drives--now available for desktops and notebooks--went into mass production back in November 2008, boasting sequential read rates of 220 MB/sec., sequential write rates of 200 MB/sec., and erase cycles of 100 GB per minute. The SSDs also consume 1.1 watts of power.

"In addition to processing power, advanced graphic cards and high-resolution monitors, gamers want a fast storage drive for reduced loading times and faster game performance," said Jim Elliott, vice president of memory marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. "Our 256 GB SSD provides much better overall performance than conventional HDDs, as well as longer battery life for the notebook gamer. Clearly, all PC gamers will benefit from the blistering speeds and dazzling photorealism enabled by the Samsung 256GB SSD."

In addition to its new focus, Samsung pointed to two videos posted over on YouTube showing the benefits of SSDs in a gaming environment: "Are SSDs Good for Gaming?" and "Samsung SSD Awesomeness." Samsung also plans to demonstrate its 256 SSDs in action at the World Cyber Games event taking place September 25 - 27.