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ATI Brings HDTV to the PC

Nvidia Compatibility

While ATi states that the HDTV Wonder will work with any DirectX 9.0 video card with at least 64 MB of memory, we could not get it to work with the two Nvidia cards we used. The software installation would appear to go through cleanly, presenting us with the MultiMedia Center panel upon reboot. Then we clicked on the DTV application button, nothing would happen. No window, no drive access, nothing.

Running the PC Check with the Nvidia cards gave us useless information. On the GeForce 6800 card, all the checks came back as OK. On the GeForce Ti 4200 card, PC Check said that DirectX 9 had to be installed.

For two days, we reinstalled Windows XP and updated drivers. We Ghosted and re-Ghosted the boxes. We looked on other forums and dove into Google, but we kept coming up empty. The HDTV Wonder simply does not play nice with Nvidia video cards.

Finally Getting It To Work

You should start with a clean computer before you install the HDTV Wonder. Any graphics drivers or previous All-In-Wonder software will interfere with the install. Here is our formula for correctly installing the HDTV Wonder:

  • Go to ATi's website
  • Download the latest Catalyst drivers
  • Download the latest drivers/software for the HDTV Wonder. There are four separate files.
    Put all the files in a safe place (USB keychain, burn a CD, folder on HD)
    Reinstall Windows or recover from a clean image
  • Install Service Pack 1
  • Install DirectX 9
  • Install .NET Framework
  • Install Catalyst drivers
  • Install the four HDTV Wonder files in order. You will need to put in the CD for the third file to install.