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Game Benchmarks: Crysis And Far Cry 2

Crysis is an incredibly demanding title, so let's see if it prefers one of these CPUs or hangs up exclusively on our last-generation single-GPU graphics card.

CPU cores, cache, clock speed--Crysis likes it all. However, we see some strange behavior here as the resolution is raised, with the Phenom II CPUs dropping a little bit relative to the Athlon II and Pentium dual-core CPUs.

So far, the playing field in real-world gaming is a lot closer than 3DMark would have us believe. Again, this makes reasonable sense, especially since Crysis is an older title.

The Far Cry 2 numbers also show a close race, but this newer game obviously prefers processors with more threading chops (in other words, those with a greater number of cores). The Athlon II X4 and Phenom II X3 stay close to each other, but it is interesting that the Phenom II X3 manages a consistently higher minimum frame rate--likely the result of its 6 MB of L3 cache, a feature missing on the Athlon II X4.